Essay on Analysis Of The Lease Draft For The Conditioning System

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A. First, I 've attached a copy of the LEASE draft for your review.

B. Second, below are some of the comments that the prospect 's agent has forwarded to me. The agent 's comments are in "green". My suggestions to you are in "red".

7. Repairs:

HVAC - Landlord will repair and maintain the HVAC (okay).

Add my language from LOI in regards to the HVAC, electrical panels, plumbing 'systems ' to Special Stipulations.
For instance, if the hot water heater goes out or the valve, who pays for it. The Landlord should cover major systems and the tenant will handle toilet repairs, light bulbs, etc.
See paragraph below.

Landlord shall deliver Premises to Tenant with all Systems

including all heating, venting and air conditioning systems,

freezer/cooler systems, doors, windows, all plumbing systems,

sprinklers, fire extinguishers to code, electrical systems (panels,

outlets, switches, alarm systems, fire alarm system and lighting

including bulbs), and any other systems, doors and utilities in place

on the property as of the date the Tenant takes possession of the

Premises (hereinafter the “Systems”) in good working order and to

code for Tenants use.

Claude, in my opinion, besides taking on the responsibility of the maintenance and repairs of the HVAC, I do not think you should take on any additional responsibility. The prospect 's agent is asking who takes care of water heater, broken valve, etc., etc., etc., as you can see on above paragraph in…

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