Analysis Of ' The ' Incredible ' And ' Book Eating ' Essay

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Picturebook Analysis

The book’s title is “a combination of a name and an epithet or appellation” (Nikolajeva & Scott, 2006, p.242). The reader can expect that the protagonist is a boy. “Incredible” and “book eating” further reveal the theme of the story; the word “incredible” implies an evaluation of the main character, which may disclose the opinion and focus of the narrator. The cover also foreshadows what the story may be about. Each word is represented in different fonts and sizes on the cover (2007 edition): “incredible” forms an arch in eye-catching red; “book”, which is a collage of pages from books and notebooks, seems to be slightly bigger than the other words; “boy” is painted in warm orange tones identical to Henry’s hoodie and skin colour. Compared to the salient title, a relatively small picture is located in the bottom left corner, portraying Henry cramming seven books into his wide-open jaw. The background seems to be a piece of old paper that is a pleasing shade of chocolate, echoing the overall organic texture of the book. On the title page, the picture of Henry becomes bigger, focusing on his huge head eating many books; the word “boy” is the largest one, which invites the reader to turn their attention to Henry and start to explore the story of this book eating boy. The back cover features an enormous book with a face, arms and legs sitting next to an extremely tiny Henry. He is “reduced in size” and possesses fewer advantages than the book which is…

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