Essay on Analysis Of ' The House On Mango Street '

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A Woman’s Role Women in society have always received the short end of the stick. For centuries, women have always been pushing and changing the mold. In some cases, individuals have to push the mold for them to be looked at in a more respective light, while other times society has to shift the mold for women to be able to achieve more rights and acceptance in the strife for equality. In the story, The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros, Esperanza grows up and becomes an independent young woman all from her own hard work. At the same time, the story The Awakening by Kate Chopin portrays the young woman, Edna, as someone who is finally realizing her potential, but since society frowns upon a woman being so independent she defaults to suicide rather than living the caged life of a woman. Both of these books outline the idea that women strive to have more liberties than what is offered.Whereas Cisneros depicts these limitations on women as limitations an individual must strive to overcome, Chopin depicts the limitations society need to overcome so women can obtain more liberties. The House on Mango Street is the story of a young girl, Esperanza, as she grows up and how she pushes the gender norms. Cisnero made the story all the more impactful and delve deeper into societies beliefs by starting the story off in the perspective of a young girl who did not want to just accept her situation and give up but push forward. By having the perspective of the book from a child…

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