Analysis Of The Gulliver's Travel By Jonathan Swift

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Adventures are special because they involve extraordinary challenges and risks. They involve situations and settings that are outside the normal frame of existence that probe the boundaries of human effort. They explore the unknown, the exotic, and the misunderstood. Adventures are one of the most common subjects in oral story telling – they have always fascinated people and form the basis for some of our earliest literature. The meaning of “adventure” has evolved through time. Starting in the thirteenth century, an adventure was “that which comes to us, or happens without design”, and had a clear association with “chance, hap, fortune or luck”. In the fifteenth century it acquired a connotation of risk taking, danger, or recklessness. In the …show more content…
It is written by Jonathan Swift. Jonathan Swift was born of English parents in Dublin in 1667.Unfortunately his father died before his birth and they had to depend on the financial aid they received from relatives. After his schooling and college, he worked as private secretary to Sir William Templeton for several years. Illness caused him to return to Ireland, but due tolack of work he came to his former post again. By 1699, Swiftcomposed some of his most famous satires like A Tale of the Tub andThe Battle of the Books, which were published only in 1704. HisGulliver's Travels (written between 1721-1725) was published in1726, and was a satire on the current politics between the Whigs andthe Tories. Though he wrote several works throughout the thirties, illhealth began to trouble him, and he took a turn for the worse until hisdeath on 19th October 1745. Swift's age was an age in which therewas an abundance of political controversies and ideological clashes,particularly within the Church. Swift and his contemporaries, likePope, Steele and Addison, satirized prominent institutions as well aspolitical figures in their writings. The idea that humans are not meant to know everything and that all understanding has a natural limit can be seen imbibed from the very beginning of Gulliver’s adventure. Gulliver is portrayed as a stranger in a strange land.
Gulliver’s Travels
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I could perhaps like others have astonished thee with strange improbable Tales; but I rather chose to relate plain Matter of Fact in the simplest Manner and Style, because my principal design was to inform, and not amuse thee.’
This novel proves to be a novel of accidental adventure. Gulliver lands on a strange land where everything he sees and hears is beyond human imagination.In Book I, which describes his first voyage to Lilliput, Gulliver is shipwrecked on anunknown island near Sumatra andGulliver awakens on a beach

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