Analysis Of The Five Factor Trait Model

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Results Within the Five-Factor Trait Model, I found my results to be average with a few exceptions. Agreeableness had extremes, where trust, morality and cooperation were very high, altruism and modesty was so low as to bring my score to average. Conscientiousness produced similar results. Orderliness and self-discipline were in the top 10 percentile, but the remaining categories brought the overall score to average. Openness to Experience was my lowest scoring group. Emotionality and Intellect were also in the top 10 percentile, however the other scores made this the one category I was below average. The Skills Inventory questionnaire provided expected results. With technical skills in the moderate range and both human and …show more content…
When I used a former supervisor that I adamantly disliked, my score was in the low twenties. This was a startling result, so I choose to retake the test using a co-worker where there was constant conflict but an effective working relationship. The score with the co-worker was in the mid-sixties. My Behavioral Style Questionnaire was completed by a former co-worker who became my supervisor during our tenure together. Both task and relationship scores were very high range. I felt that he was perhaps biased as we had a friendly and effective work history. I had another former supervisor complete the questionnaire and while the relationship score was still in the very high range, the task score fell to the moderately high range. Interpreting these results proved be to quite challenging. From my readings in Northhouse and some additional materials, I was able to gleam significant meaning. The Five-factor Model provided the most insight into my individual characteristics. Within the trait approach, my social intelligence was overwhelming positive from the results. Having this trait has enabled me to produce alternative solutions in many situations. To possess such qualities such as awareness, self-monitoring and to select the best response given the situation and environment (Zaccaro, 2002). While there were many areas where my score seemed low, this model can be subjective and needs close examination to interpret real strengths or

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