Importance Of Personality Test

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Personality Test
Personality test are used to measure a person’s qualities and skills. There are many different types of Personality test; including test that are multiple choice, agree of disagree along with many other varieties. The results of these tests are represented in many forms as well. The results of the test are supposed to help categories the participant in to defined areas which they fall into; people do not agree with the test on occasion results for various reasons. To analyze the answers that are provided by participants, the proctor has created a basic key for each characteristic that is represented.
Test Format
The test I participated in called “IPIP Big-Five Factors Markers” has three basic components. These three basic
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The first category is Extraversion. This category is about introverts and extroverts according to the results page. The higher the number is in this category the more extrovert you are. I scored a 4.1 on the 5.0 scale. I have always been very outgoing but in certain situations I am very introverted. The next category is Conscientiousness, which is about work ethic and order according to the results page. I received a 4.6. I believe that this is very accurate not only because I take pride in work but also often time my supervisors tell me how great I am with getting my work done. One of the few categories that I disagree with is Neuroticism. Neuroticism is a category, which is based on experience of negative emotions as according to the results page. According to the “IPI Big-Five Factor Markers” I received a 2.9. I feel many negative emotions often so I believe that score should be higher. It is also medically proven that I feel negative emotions a lot because I have been diagnosed with depression. The other category I disagree with in my results is the agreeableness category. The category of agreeableness includes pleasing others as according to the results page. I received a 3.9 but I believe I should have scored lower because I genuinely do not really care about making others happy but rather completing task at hand. The final category tested is Openness. This category is about desire of new experiences as according to the results page. I received a 4.1 in this category. I believe to be accurate because I am always looking for new adventures. Overall I believe that this personality test was somewhat

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