Analysis Of ' The First Half Coates ' Essay

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Ta-Nehisi Coates’ second half of his letter to his son, Samori, shifted purposes. In the first half Coates was telling his son how to protect his body as a black male in America. In the second half Coates is now try to find an understanding of the burden of black males dying in unreasonable situations and a solution in to how to avoid his son’s life being endangered. Coates started the second part of the letter talking about how he feared his life when he was pulled over by the police before his son was born that transitioned to him talking about a former classmate traveling up the road innocently to see his fiancée getting killed by an unconvict policeman from Prince George County. By the end of the letter Coates moves out the country to Paris, France as his way to protect his son. Coates touched on a lot of the themes we talked about this second half of the semester. In the paper I plan on addressing the relationship between the significance of black culture and community to the second half of Between the World and Me. To overcome the burdens faced from white males especially, slaves created strong bonds with one another and formed a tight net community. Slaves on plantations formed a culture with one another regardless of ancestral roots. They entertained, worked with and educated one another through forms of storytelling and other oral presentations. Slaves used their internal and communal resources to adapt and transcend the oppression they faced (Anderson). The black…

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