Analysis Of The Film ' West Side Story ' Essay examples

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The U.S plays a massive role on the immigration of people from southern nations in the 1900s. The typical behavior toward immigrants is strange because on one hand Business owners embrace them into jobs that Americans wouldn’t want to do such as blue collar occupations. Then there are Americans who simply despise these people and their traditions so they target them with help of the government system. In the film of West Side Story, it arguably portrays the ideas of race, immigration, and U.S imperialism in the 1960s. Therefore, the time period within the film illustrates New York with a large number of Puerto Ricans so the film can be historical source. In fact, New York Times articles from the 1900s and secondary literature of the history of U.S imperialism in Puerto Rico and immigration to the mainland is able to show how faithful the film is to history. West Side Story reveals some of the popular perceptions of Puerto Ricans that emerged through U.S imperialism and how these perceptions shaped the opportunities for political, economic, and social integration experiences by Puerto Rican immigrants in New York in the 1960s The West Side Story film shows viewers the control that whites have in their neighborhoods by the example of the Jets Gang. Their rivals, the Sharks gang, consists of immigrant Puerto Ricans, that show no fear throughout the film. In Bosley Crowther’s, West Side Story movie review, she says that the movie revolves around the “tender drama of two nice…

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