Analysis Of The Film ' Rosebud ' Essay

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Citizen Kane
Dubbed, as one of the best cinematic films in history is, Citizen Kane. Orson
Welles is best known for writing and directing an artistic film before its time, in the 40s. The story is about a newspaper tycoon on how he became one the worlds riches and influence editor of his time and leaving reporters, scrambling, to understand the meaning behind his last dying word, “Rosebud.” In order to make this film, what is known to some as one of the best films, is that Welles made sure to capture some key ingredients for the film-Plot, Character, Fictional World, Time, and Perspective and Editing. Each one of the theories Welles was able to execute them in the film and we will take a look on how Welles done so.
In the film, Citizen Kane, it opens up with the camera panning across a spooky bared wire fence and a ghostly, abandoned estate. The camera lingers on a "No Trespassing" sign and then gradually makes its way to the house, where it appears to pass through a lit window. A person is lying on a slab-like bed. Uncertain as who is lying in the bed, snowflakes suddenly fill the screen with a cabin covered with snow in picture. As the camera pulls back, we are shown what we have been looking at is actually just a scene inside a snow globe in the hand of an old man. The camera then focuses on the old man’s mouth, as he murmurs one single and faint word: "Rosebud." He then drops the globe, which rolls onto the floor and shatters. Reflected in the curve…

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