Analysis Of The Film ' Maria Full Of Grace ' Essay

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The film, “Maria Full of Grace”, was directed and written by Joshua Marston. (Wikipedia) And it is talking about a Colombia girl Maria taking risks to smuggle drugs into the United States instead of working in the flower industry for domestic subsidies. The whole process is rise and fall. But fortunately, Maria arrived in New York and end the drug trafficking. The method for smuggling is really dangerous because people need to wrap them up and swallow. If people don’t care, drugs will rupture cause people immediately dead. A girl totally fell into this charming city and decided to leave her hometown and stay in New York survive.
Colombia in the film is a very poor and occlusion. Even the Bogota, the capital city of the country, is still dirty, messy. The whole environment is showing this developing country has a lot of problems. But the other city, New York, always gives people a feeling of hope. The first impression of the American dream is started from New York. Compared to the small village, Columbia, New York is remote and cannot be fantasy. In the city of New York, people can realize their dreams for struggle hard work and deserve the better life. For a girl from a small village, any city will attract her, not to mention the well-known New York. People meet a city which is better than his current status, people will absolutely choose the better one. There is a Chinese saying,” man struggle upwards, water flows downwards.” This phrase using normal phenomena and popular…

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