Analysis Of The Film ' Death 's Marathon ' Essay

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Director D.W. Griffith employs a variety of innovative filmmaking techniques, under the categories of mise-en-scene, cinematography and editing, to tell his narrative in Death’s Marathon. I will focus on a few techniques that stood out to me as essential stylistic decisions that progressed the narrative. Firstly, the costumes and how they distinguished between characters, and events; secondly, the blocking and character movements and how they expressed emotion; thirdly, the lighting and how it distinguished between locations and guided our focus; and finally the editing and how it created suspense in the climax. These are only a few stylistic decisions that Griffith 's made, each one is equally important in developing the film form, however, these few were more salient than most due to their innovative qualities. Without sound, Griffith’s had to use more creative avenues to determine differences in character, and place these characters in time and place. As part of his mise-en-scene, he used costume to distinguish between important characters, and less important character, and he used costume changes to create a sense of time passing between events. For example, in shot 3, there are three women in the frame but our eyes are drawn instantly to the wife because she is the most extravagantly dressed—she seems to glow white against the dark background. We can recognize her as more important to the story than the attendants. This is especially important when there is no sound,…

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