Psycho Fight Scene Analysis

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Pyscho is a very popular film which released on January 12th 1960 in Hong Kong and was directed by the famous Alfred Hitchcock.
Hitchcock had said that one of the reasons why he shot Pyscho as a back-and-white film was because he thought that the murder scene might have been too intense for the audience to watch . So going back to the shower scene, it is one of the most prominent and iconic scenes shot in all cinemas. The scene begins when we can see one of the leading actresses Marion Crane enter the bathroom into the bath tub and closes the shower curtain. We are then shown a close-up shot of her face as she turns the shower on. During this close-up shot, we can see the facial expressions of Marion. However when she switches on the water
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Hitchcock takes advantage of the rule of thirds because we are liable to the idea of someone else entering and this is because there is so much space within the shot because Marion is on one third, which then means that the the other two thirds need to be filled which therefore imply that someone or something will appear to fill in that area. Hitchcock then progresses into a zoom shot which confirms that the theory the viewers would think of is true, as someone does come in. In the beginning of the shot we see a silhouette of the mother who enters and the scene turns upside-down and turns to terror. We see that Marions personal space is invaded by this figure who then tears the curtains open and we hear screams of terror and there is a close up of Marions face. The way these shots were taken were very spectacular as it made the scene more intense and the cinematography kept changing angles and shots so that the viewers could feel the terror and experience it the way Marion was. By the use of having different camera angles, the audience can feel the suspense that something bad is about to happen.The editing in this scene is extremely important because the audience needs to know what exactly is going on every second, for example when she was attacked, there were very short shots taken to show the viewers all the different angles of what is

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