Analysis Of The Episode ' Summer Of September ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Four for the Fourth 4th of July episodes for your day off. The 4th of July is a widely celebrated, yet rarely depicted event in American culture. Few television shows have Independence Day episodes, especially compared to the number of those with Christmas or Thanksgiving specials. Maybe it’s the nature of the fall to spring show schedule. Maybe it’s the prevalence of airtime-hogging network events. Maybe Hollywood hates America.

Regardless, with the 4th of July on a Monday, you have a day off from work to fill with entertainment goodness. Here are four great Independence Day episodes for you to watch while you’re hiding from the light:

“Summer of 4 Ft. 2” - The Simpsons

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What It’s About: The seventh season finale of The Simpsons takes the titular family on vacation to Ned Flanders’ beach house. After a disappointing end of the school year, Lisa decides to adopt a new persona to impress the local rebel youths. Meanwhile, Homer attempts to procure fireworks for an Independence Day beach party.

Why You Should Watch It: This episode is one of the best depictions of Lisa’s character in the series. It takes her from great heights as an overachiever to great depths as an outcast, chronicling her struggle to navigate these extremes. It’s supporting character arcs are stellar as well, with Milhouse shining as a particular highlight. Besides all that, the fireworks purchase scene alone is enough to merit a watch.

2. “4th of July BBQs” - Portlandia…

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