Essay about Analysis Of ' The Director Of Volver ' By Pedro Almodovar

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Standardizing the visual language has always proved to be a challenge amongst all kinds of artists especially filmmakers. This, in turn, has spawned a collection of individualistic visual expressions in respect to every different director and filmmaker. Through the visualisation of elements within both our daily lives and those of imaginative scapes, the audience are subsequently exposed to an array of overt influences that minutely alter their subconscious mindsets. These messages and symbols, depicted by their creator, become the founding blocks of a spectacular, enticing film for the general public. This can be thoroughly explored through movies such as Volver which not only encapsulates these visualising elements but also demonstrates an array of expressions due to the influence of American filmography.
The director of Volver, Pedro Almodovar utilizes the conventional Hollywood elements of colour, camera angles and sound in order to accentuate messages that are seldom delivered to the general public. His usual themes of loss, loneliness, death and sexual abuse are delivered throughout the entirety of the film through a contemporary lens in order to build rapport with the mass viewers.
As once stated by David Lynch, “cinema is a medium that can translate ideas” (Battaglia, 2007). From a cinematic point of view, Volver evidently demonstrates the capability of colour to portray certain messages to the general public. The consistent colour of red within the visual…

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