Essay on Analysis Of ' The Dark Haired Man ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Hanson stood up, and ignoring the tremor in his legs, he took the dark-haired officer by the hand, and gently pulled him to his feet. Vivid reddish-orange flecks highlighted the velvety softness of his espresso-brown eyes, and without speaking, he turned and led his lover into the bedroom. Kicking off his boots, he slowly undressed, his cock hardening under Booker 's watchful eye. Once naked, he lay down on the bed, waiting, wanting, his chest rising and falling in sharp, ragged breaths, his arousal now evident. It had taken many weeks, but he was finally ready for the next step, and although nervous, he was also trembling with eager anticipation.

Overcome with emotion, Booker took a moment to visually absorb the breathtaking sight of Tom’s masculinity rising proudly from its nest of dark pubic hair, the mouthwatering droplets of pre-cum glistening on the tip silently beckoning him. A wave of hot, prickly arousal ran down the length of his penis, thickening the shaft, the tingly sensation raising the hairs on his arms. Outside, a car horn blared, the sounds of the city drifting up from the street below, the urbane resonance generating a modicum of reality to the surrealism of the scene. When a sudden gust of wind ruffled the curtains, the fall breeze hardened his nipples, increasing his desire to feel Tom’s naked flesh pressing against his own. His cock swelled, adding length to his already impressive appendage, the evidence of his hunger straining the front of his…

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