Essay about Analysis Of The Character ' Devon Hope '

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The character, Devon Hope, introduces in his poem, Bronx Masquerade, the idea that he and many of his classmates are living behind disguises rather than being their true selves. Devon is a prime example of this notion as he even goes by a nickname, Jump shot, at school and in his neighborhood that he does not feel represents him as a whole person. Though he is a great basketball player, that is not all he wants to be known for and much too often he is painted into that corner. He expresses this in his monologue by saying, “I’ve got good height and good hands, that’s a fact. But what about the rest of me? Forget who I really am, who I really want to be. The law is to be cool, be tough, play ball, and use books for weight training—not reading” (Grimes 29). However, he is afraid of how he would be treated if he did not hide behind his mask of “Jump shot, the basketball player” and has to sneak off to the library to read poetry, which is his true passion. Devon has such a love for poetry and he is allowed to explore it more openly when his English teacher, Mr. Ward assigns the Harlem Renaissance. He is feels a freedom then to carry around his volumes of Langston Hughes and Claude McKay. This feeling is further confirmed when he is caught reading 3000 Years of Black Poetry by one of this classmates, Janelle, who rather than saying something rude to him, she smiles and waves at him. She even “slips a copy of The Panther & the Lash” on his table as she walks by (Grimes 31). This…

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