Analysis Of ' The Cave ' Essay

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Why am I here? Why am I sitting here in a library, attempting to put my time towards this essay? Why did I work hard in high school so I could make it to a new level? Why am I working hard now to make it to an even higher level? Surprisingly enough Plato 's 500 year old allegory holds the answer and sets up the perfect metaphor for those previous questions. This is because in Plato’s Allegory “The Cave”, the things that are said throughout the allegory, hold a deeper meaning than how the are initially represented. The most important items in the story are the darkness, the sunlight, and the chains. The sunlight represents enlightenment of the mind, understanding, and knowledge. While the darkness represents ignorance, lacking of knowledge, and pure misunderstanding. The chains importantly represent the limitation of being trapped in the darkness and being unable to reach the light. The biggest question that most ask after the story is what happens when the chains are broken. Many predict whoever is in the cave gets to the light. Others predict that the light hurts their eyes and runs back into the cave. Surprisingly both answers are correct. Where I come from, many have been hurt by the light and I’ve witnessed it. But those who I have seen get hurt from the light have only encouraged me further and grew my curiosity to go deeper into the light. So here I am and the chain is broken.

The darkness is the place where we all begin. Whether you believe it or not, we in many…

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