Analysis Of The Book ' Wolf Of Wall Street ' Essay

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Minjie Xia
Professor Jennifer Jovel
SOC 101-06
9 Mar 2016
Film Analysis Paper
Introduction: a brief summary of Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
I would like to talk about the film Wolf of Wall Street (2013). Based on the autobiography of the legendary stockbroker Jordan Belfort, the film depicts how Belfort started his business by walking along the edge of the law and how Belfort was lost in the luxury life that full of sex and drugs in a black comedy way. After tasting the joy brought by money, Belfort did some illegal business to earn more and more money, and he was finally caught by the FBI agent Patrick Denham, and betrayed his friends and coworkers to get commutation. In this paper, I will analyze the movie in different aspects: Theoretical perspectives (symbolic interactionism and conflict theory), social context, social institutions and proposed research study.

Section 1: Theoretical perspectives
To view this film in symbolic interactionism, the film came along with many symbols. Many things such as locations, people and money have their own symbolized meanings in the luxury but sick life in Wall Street. For example, at the beginning of the film, 22-year-old Belfort described himself as ”a newly married, and already a money crisis man”, and he thought Wall Street was “ the one place on the earth that befit his high-minded ambitions”. In this case, we can see that the location Wall Street is a symbol for dreams and money. Furthermore, the reporters called Belfort “the wolf…

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