Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Viviane Sassen '

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Viviane Sassen is one of those photographers that seem to use her camera as a toy and the frame and the world is her playground. Her images are colourful and playful and she is never afraid to use odd angles or weird shapes. The people in her images looks like sculptures, and it doesn’t seem to be any objects or materials that can’t be looking amazing in her world and in her pictures. The playfulness reminds you of a photographic version of the great painter Picasso, where the antique romance and all the rules do not longer exits. She says herself that she is not interested in making narrative images. She is more interested in shapes and to make her models or objects look like sculptures. Sassen started her studies in order to become a fashion designer at the Royal Academy in Arnhem, on the side she was also working as a model for designers such as Viktor & Rolf. Sassen later on found the love for photography and continued to do a photography degree at Utrecht.

Looking through Vivianes images it’s impossible not to notice her fascination with the black body, how the black skin colours almost appearing like shadows, and with the body they create surreal shapes. There’s been discussions of how political correct her way of shooting is, but for Sassen, there is nothing strange about it. Sassen who lived in Kenya from the age of three to five, says that her time there would be possibly for her first visual memories of her youth, to play a role in her way of…

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