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Throughout the book you may notice different points of view from characters but they are all one type of point of view. As you go further in the book you start to realize that the author explains to us how Enrique is feeling and why he is feeling that way. By doing this Sonia is also explaining to us what the author is like and how different situations affect Enrique. Enrique experiences many different moods in this novel as well but more than anything these different emotions that he feels are what gives us ideas of how this character or what the character might be like. In the Novel on page 24 it says, “Now Enrique’s anger boils over. He refuses to make his mother’s day card at school .He begins hitting other kids.At recess, he lifts schoolgirl’s skirts. When a teacher tries to make him behave by smacking him with a huge ruler, Enrique grabs the end of the ruler & refuses to let go, making the teacher cry.” Before this occurred Enrique lost his mother, but not that kind of loss, his mother had gone to the United States and Enriques was left without his mother 's love. As you can see this is 3rd Person Omniscient point of view because Enrique did not tell us this using an I, me or my statement. This point of view can also be considered indirect characterization because we are learning more about the character, Enrique, while reading the book. From this point of view we can also see how Enrique might be taking his anger out with other people. We can also…

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