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"When is Mommy coming back, Daddy?" Mina asked as she pulled her father 's sweater.

"Mommy will back soon." Mark assured his daughter, but his heart was burning with worries and anxieties. It was already 11:00pm, and Mark could neither sleep or put Mina to sleep. Mina wanted her mother to read to her before she went to bed.

"Go pick a book to read, Mina." Mark told his daughter to go to her bookshelf.

Obeying her father 's order, five-years-old Mina ran to the bookshelf, chose a book, and came back near her father who kept looking at the door to reveal his dear wife.

Sometimes he regretted his decision to let Minhee continue her job, but she really loved doing what she was doing. Mark didn 't want to prevent her from doing what she loved, but now they were a family, and Minhee had a daughter to take care of.

For five years, this situation never happened before. Minhee came back on time, and she took easy cases. Even though, she took simple cases to investigate, Mark was worried that it might turn to be a serial murder or a long investigation.

And his worries were coming true.

Mina gave Mark a book to read, and Mark sighed upon seeing the title of the book. "I think you should pick another one, Mina."

"But this book is mommy and my favorite." Mina replied. "It 's really funny and interesting. Mommy made those weird voices and faces while reading it."

Mark smiled upon her daughter 's answer. Mina was closer to Minhee than him since he mostly had to work while…

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