Analysis Of The Book ' The Wrath Of Curley Ballcannon ' Essay

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Prompt: How would Curley have acted if he were placed in Tom Buchanan’s situation in ch. 7 of TGG?

The Wrath of Curley Ballcannon It was a brutally hot day. Jay Gatsby, Nick Carraway, Jordan Baker, Curley Ballcannon and his wife, Daisy, were all gathered in a muggy New York hotel room and the tension in the air was thick. Everyone knew Gatsby and Daisy had been having an affair for a couple months, but Curley had a mistress as well. No one dared to address either of their infidelities, until this day.
Curley belonged to the highest social class. He was a small man with an enormous temper. Along with inheriting a fortune from his family’s dynasty, he was also a star football player at Yale and his father owns one of the biggest ranches in California. Curley’s arrogance and spite made people obey his every order and never cross him. He had never been faithful to Daisy, considering he had a rendezvous with another woman during the couple’s honeymoon. Curley was a good boxer and known for starting fights with other men that he had an edge over. Because of his wealth, he was never reprimanded.
Daisy and Gatsby met in Louisville in 1917. Gatsby loved Daisy, but was sent away to fight in World War I before he could propose. Daisy chose to marry Curley over Gatsby because she wanted to maintain her wealth and high social ranking. To win her back, Gatsby drastically changed his life by becoming a bootlegger and making enough money to a buy a lavish house and bright yellow…

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