Analysis Of The Book ' The Woman Warrior ' Essay

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The last two chapter of “The woman warrior” are interesting and conflicting each other at the same time. They are conflicting each other because Kingston wasn’t involved in the main events where the stories all about her mother Brave Orchid and her aunt Moon Orchid but the last chapter most of it was about Kingston’s own stories and thoughts. It is interesting because Kingston in “At the Western Palace” where she wasn’t part of the major clashes of this chapter, but at the same time she was part of it because it been brought to us by her so she stepped to a second person or a third person to present the stories. She was capable of shifting the reader’s attention from Chinese’s culture that been represented as an example of her mother and her aunt to American’s culture where also been influenced by a Chinese’s culture as herself.
On one hand, Kingston displayed the American culture to those who have been never exploded to an American when she wrote ‘Maybe that shame-face they so often wore was American Politeness’, this sentence showed her way of view other’s behavior, she thought that maybe American pretend they are shame to avoid doing what they don’t want to do. Her credibility is strong here because she is a born American. On the other hand, she presented how her mother experienced the gap between her and her children culture when they played with the dolls in front of their aunt who gave them the gift because playing with the gift in the front of the giver was…

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