Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Wild '

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In efforts to find more meaning in their lives, many philosophers and adventurers have followed the path to discover themselves outside of civilization. Thoreau was most known for his transcendental experiences he wrote of in Walden. Henry Ticknor once said that “individuals have used the wilderness as a metaphor for life’s vicissitudes”, and many since Thoreau have sought out their own “spiritual rebirths” in nature (Ticknor 3).Chris McCandless was one who attempted to relive Thoreau’s exploits, but for as much as nature deals life it also deals death. In August 1992, McCandless was discovered dead in Alaska. Jon Krakauer wrote Into the Wild, after being inspired by McCandless’s story, and many more since then have followed in his footsteps (Krakauer--). After the publication of into the wild, McCandless’s excursion lives on in what one Alaskan park ranger calls the “McCandless Phenomenon” (Christian ---), more than a hundred people annually visit the bus where McCandless died. It has been reported that seventy-five percent of the rescues in that area are form the trail leading to the bus, in fact some have even died trying to reach it.(Moss--) McCandless’s story didn’t just create fame for Alaska, but elsewhere as well. In 2013, Johnathan Croom had been fascinated by the movie and went to follow in McCandless’s footsteps. His expedition had also ended in death (Kemp). People in the past and even still today try to break away from society it order to chase after some…

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