Analysis Of The Book ' The Politics Of Fear ' Essay example

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A drawing can say a lot about the nation it was created in, and the people that live in it. The cover drawing in The New Yorker issue of July 21, 2008 dubbed The Politics of Fear is one such example. The cover of the issue portrays then President Candidate Barack Obama as an Islamic holy man, an imam, and his wife, Michelle Obama, as a militant black panther. The background has them in the oval office standing on top of the official seal of the President of the United States. The room in it has a portrait of Osama bin Laden and an American flag burning in the stove. The couple in the image is bumping each other’s fist and show a look of content in their faces. The message the artist of Politics of Fear is trying to convey is blunt, that in the United States of America, there are people who have created a false reality on who Barack Obama is in order to justify their narrow minded bigoted view of the world. The cover paints Obama in a view that some Americans believe who the man truly is based on their own prejudices overlooking the truth. Obama was born in Hawaii to a white American mother and black Kenyan father, but according to an article in The Orange County Register 's, “O.C. suspicions over Obama 's citizenship continue," about a third of Republicans do not think so (Wisckol). Despite overwhelming evidence to prove that Obama was born in Hawaii, some people in the far-right still to this very day believe that he was actually born in Kenya. The idea that Obama is not…

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