Analysis Of The Book ' The Open Boat ' Essay example

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In the story “The Open Boat”, there are four men who are a captain, a cook, an oiler and a correspondent. They were in a tiny boat after their ship sank off the coast of Florida. At first, the crew thought they could be rescued because of the house for refuge and a couple of people showing on the beach. But the fact was cruel so that they were required to depend on themselves. So the captain decided to swim to shore when they still had the strength. In the end, everyone was rescued except the oiler. As similar as “The Open Boat”, “To Build a Fire” is a story about nature and human too. “To Build a Fire” is a story that happened in the Yukon during the Klondike Gold Rush. A man tried to travel across the white snow of the Yukon to join his companions in extremely cold temperature just with a native dog, even after an old timer advised him not to do this. After the man broke through the ice and wet himself to the knees, he built a fire under the spruce tree, but pulling the twigs of the tree caused the snow to fall down and put off his fire. Then he tried to build another one, but he was not capable of doing that and ended up dying. In “The Open Boat”, the crew are stranded as a team, which enhances their possibilities to be survived. In “To Build a Fire”, compared to nature, the man is powerless because he…

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