Analysis Of The Book ' The ' I Didn 't Kill Your Brother ' Essay

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“Samantha please help me please!” “Why would I do that James.” “Because i’m your brother.” “That doesn’t mean anything James I trusted you, and you let me down.” “Samantha no I didn’t mean to, just help me.” “Fine James you are such a big baby.” “Yes thank you Sam.” “James, Sam turn that stupid game off.” “I swear you guys make it sound like you are about die from a game.” “Well mom if sam actually tried to help me survive so we can beat the game it wouldn’t sound like that.” “Whatever James I was being attacked by zombies and you let them eat me! Your own sister.” “Wow you two should go outside this is crazy guys.” “ Aww but mom we are almost done with the game we just have to-” “ I said now James! Samantha stop laughing and go get some play clothes on so you two can go to the park and be normal kids.” “Mom playing video games are normal right James.” “Uhh I am not going to answer that because mom has the evil eye going on so bye Sam bye momma.” “ Wow what a whimp.” Samantha hurry up so your brother doesn’t end up dead” “Yes ma’am”

“James! James where did you go you big scardy cat?” “RAWR!” “AHHHH!” Who is the big baby now hahahaha” “Still you stupid” “Anyways what do you want to do now since we can’t play now?” I don’t know let’s go play hide n seek in the trees.” “OK your it James!” What that’s not fair!” “It is to me hahaha.” “Fine ready or not here I c- JAMES, JAMES COME LOOK QUICK! “What, where are you?!” Hurry I’m down by the creek!” OK I’m coming…

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