Analysis Of The Book ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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His faith teetered, while bringing back to his current dilemma. His Catholic teachings made no sense of the situation. While slumped on the stairs, he wiped the tears from his eyes. Then, Jack realized he needed that package that Trent had earlier tossed on his desk.

However, he was too emotional to be behind a wheel.

So, Jack phoned Thrive Gaming’s security center as he asked for an unusual request.

“Yes, I need it immediately. You got it,” Jack spoke into the phone, and continued, “Yeah, again. Time is of the essence. Thank you, I greatly appreciate it.”

Nate, Thrive Gaming’s newest security guard, drew the short straw to delivery this critical package to Jack’s residence. Nate’s superior gave him Jack’s gated community address, and a decree not to pry into Jack’s business.

“Just drop-off the package, and don’t bother him,” Nate’s superior instructed.

As Nate drove his faded Ford Ranger through the community private gates, he thought, “I hope this Jack guy gives me some kind of gratitude for his absurd usual hour request.”

The distraught Jack was startled by the doorbell ring.

Jack spoke before opening the front door, “Who is it?”

“Nate, sir. I’m from your office. Corporate security,” Nate replied.

All the while, Nate thought, Who the fuck do you think it is at this hour?

After Jack flimsy unbolted the door, it cracked open.

What Nate witnessed was a teary-eyed, agonized man whose appearance was disheveled for a person of affluential title. Nate’s late night…

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