Analysis Of The Book ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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There are more than three things that the weird about the Gatsby the to find out when he goes in and drive into New York. One things that is weird about him is that although he is an Oxford man he says that he lived in the Midwest of the United States however he also mentions that he is from San Francisco however San Francisco is not words the Midwest of the United States towards the West Coast. Another thing that is weird about the so conversation is that Gatsby had to show Nick a picture of his college times to prove that he went to Oxford. Not only that even after he tells that he belongs to a very wealthy family and that to all his family members are dead and he went to Europe to the capitals of several countries just to collect jewels and several different kinds of paintings. He also mentions that he accepted the decision of being a military men and this is weird because he say that he was from a wealthy family so why did he have to become a military man when he had so much wealth and he was technically a party boy. In addition another thing that it seemed weird to me is that he said that he is a from the Midwest however why did he stay in New York as well as after the war or during the war Jordan said that she saw Gatsby and Daisy together so how is it that he was in Europe and United States at the same time. Last night also like to mention that the Gatsby invites many of the important people to his party but does not do any business with them, which is weird as he…

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