Analysis Of The Book ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay

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Everyone has one that one thing that means so much to them, that one thing that holds such cherished memories. Whether it is a piece of jewelry, a beloved place, or even a story about a place everyone has one close to their heart. The big question that always scares people is what if all the sudden it was gone? Kaitlyn and I chattered aimlessly as her step-father Mr. Brent drove. As usual, I had spent the weekend at her house doing typical twelve year old stuff and now just like all the other Sundays it was time to go home. However, how I was getting home was different from the normal routine, looking back now that should have been a warning, Mr. Brent had told me that my mother was busy so he would be driving me home instead, and I had not given it a second thought. As we drove down the same old roads I had become so accustom to I remained happily in the dark from the dreadful truth. Mr. Brent was not being his usual self he never once tried to join in our conversation and had also requested for me to sit up front. I thought it was strange but I did not really worry about it. As we road I rambled blissfully unaware of the devastation that awaited me. As we closed the gap between my home and I can remember wishing I did not have to go home, if only I had known what misery awaited me. Now only a few miles from home Mr. Brent leaned forward to turn off the radio then quietened Kaitlyn and me. I can remember the deep sorrow in his eyes the anxiety on his face, the same…

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