Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Bond '

794 Words Dec 5th, 2015 4 Pages
It is more than just showing that the bond is there and what it mean. It is a defining purpose and has so many benefits and things that can be experienced. Going back to Fowler book. Readers can see another aspect of that bond. It can show what it means to have that bond broken and what it can do to the owners. In the book it is more than the owner that is affected. In the story, the family is torn apart after Fern was taken away from them. The brother started to do crimes. The mom and dad could not bear to be together. Rosemary was effected the most. She was cut off from herself. She became isolated and internalized everything. She trapped herself within herself and she was just watching the world pass by. Fern had left an emotional scar that seemed to never heal. The loss of her sister haunted her. She knew that Fern was doing the same thing. They were both trapped and only able to look outside and watch the world pass. Without the bond and the pure support that came when they were together shattered them into pieces. Each taking a part of each other to carry but never being completed. Again that connection is brought and shown into the light. When a bond like that is broken readers can see the aftermath but also the importance of what that means. Studies have been done to show what happens when that bond is broken with a pet. Either through loss or some other situation. The bond has really powerful meaning. When that happens all those benefits and meaning with that bond…

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