Analysis Of The Book ' Sista Tongue ' By Lisa Linn Essay

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Essay 3: Technology involvement in language
In the book, Sista Tongue, Lisa Linn Kanae explores the struggles of growing up to learn the creole language of Hawaii, Pidgin. She tells her life story and her little brother through an academic and pidgin voice throughout the book. Language is the backbone for communications in our contemporary world. In the context of human history, language had evolved throughout time but technology has shown a significance advancement that contributed to human society. Technology in contemporary society has modified the way people communicate with each other many ways. Technology innovation such as Twitter, Facebook, and MMS messages have greatly influence the communication aspect to the exchange of information. These innovations impacted the language barrier by that every individual can communicate universally.
Article by Guy Merchant wrote a report based on teenage communication through technology called “Teenagers in cyberspace: an investigation of language use and language change in internet chatrooms.” His research is to date on the relationship between new communications technologies and language emphasizes linguistic of the interactions and the impact of global English. His studies conclude to advance our understanding of the interconnections and situated-ness, of language, new technologies, global media, and social change.
For the groundwork to the study in question, he address some fairly fundamental issues in language use and to mark…

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