Analysis Of The Book ' Silver Tip ' Essay

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“Silver Tip” is a series of western novels written by the very prolific author (one of the most prolific author of all time) named Frederick Faust. The novels are published, like most of Faust 's work, under the Max Brand pen name. Originally the “Silver Tip” series was serialized and published for pulp publications before being released in novel format. By 1947, all of the novels in the series were released, just a few years after Max Brand died. It has also seen publication into a series of comic books.

Silver Tip, the main character of the series, is a man who likes to be by himself, to be in the woods (so that he can be at one with nature), and doing whatever he wants, which does not include taking any jobs. He is not your typical hero, but seems to be more of an anti-hero who does what he wants and takes no heat from no one, at all. He has his own sense of justice and believes that the good should not be harmed, but the bad should be taken care of. With lead. And quite a lot of it too.

“Valley Thieves” by Max Brand is the first novel in the “Silver Tip” series. Outlaws are chasing Silver Tip, and they happen to be very deadly, the deadliest the west has ever seen. They want him, he is famous and they want him; they, with the aid of their six shooters, get what they want. Parade, his horse, and Frosty, his killer and loyal wolf, will help him. Or they were helping him until Barry Christian stole them, leaving Silver Tip to fight like all other men. Silver Tip focuses…

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