Analysis Of The Book ' Postwar ' Essay

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Final Book Review Project, Postwar by Tony Judt
Approaching the historic context of Europe since 1945 is generally not an easy task, but in the case of Tony Judt’s 2005 book, Postwar, he provides a strong interpretation of all the occurrences in this time period. Throughout his book, Judt is very efficient in tackling all of the issues that were important during these years, which would make Postwar a book that in general, can very effectively speak to the present generation of Europeans. The three issues that in the class I found more interesting and culturally important for modern day Europeans are: family/gay rights, unification of the European economy, and lastly the issues with immigration. I will use Judt’s book as evidence on how they came to be and transitioned throughout the years, until the present day The first one of the issues that we observed in class that I found interesting is family/gay rights. For Judt, this issue can be considered to be key, since religion is so important in Europe, it affected the legality of homosexuality. “Until the early 1960’s, public authorities throughout Western Europe had exercised firm and mostly repressive control over the private affairs and opinions of the citizenry” , more specifically the homosexuals were persecuted by making homosexual intercourse illegal and punishable by prison terms. Judt also mentions how the 1960’s became a revolutionary time for sexuality in general, but also homosexuality. The more liberated sexual…

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