Analysis Of The Book ' Negroes ' By Lawrence Hill Essay

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A Blast to the Past

The historical timeframe in which The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill gives us a unique perspective on a significant part of our collective history, during the late eighteenth century and early nineteenth which coincides with the final years of state sponsored slavery of humans from one part of the world by another part of the world.

When examining The Book of Negroes through a postcolonial lense, it is clear that the need for power was held at a higher position than ethics. This led to the mistreatment of millions of slaves that were brought from Africa to the American continents. This unethical treatment followed Aminata, the main character of the book wherever she went, whether it was on the ship, in South Carolina and even when she went back to Africa.

On the ship when she was taken from her village of Bayo the treatment was inhumane. The Africans were tied up in metal chains against their will and forced to leave their homes. Aminata was an 11 year old girl who was raised only speaking the languages of her tribe and practicing Islam. She had absolutely no idea who the white people were and why they were treating the people from Bayo like animals. She had experienced more on this boat ride than the majority of people do in their entire lives. In the quote“The life gushed out of Papa’s chest, flooded his ribs and ran into the waiting earth” (Hill 41). Aminata watches the slave traders kill her own father. Thy wanted to show the Africans that they…

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