Analysis Of The Book ' Montag 's ' Essay

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Set in the future, Guy Montag is a fireman in an American city, however, unlike any usual fireman, their job is to start fires rather than put them out. Bradbury presents a society with a passive acceptance of things; a society who do not engage in outdoor activities, read books, have deep intellectual conversations or think for themselves; but rather, they drive very fast, suicide is not uncommon, have wall size televisions that they are deeply attached to and listen to a radio that is attached to their ears.

Early in the novel, Montag meets a young teenage girl named Clarisse, who is not your typical member of this society. In their encounter, she converses with him about things he had never given a single thought to. Montag is fascinated by Clarisse, as she speaks of love, happiness, people and the books that he burns. After this conversation, Montag 's life becomes quite complicated. Firstly, his wife, Mildred commits suicide (it 's important to note that the plumbers who pumped her stomach were extremely casual, had about 10 similar cases in one night etc). The next day, as soon as Montag enters the station readers have their first encounter with the mechanical hound, who growls at him. From this, Montag understands that the 'dog ' doesn 't like him. Then, when responding to a call that an elderly woman has been stashing books, she chooses to be burned alive with her books than to leave them. Lastly, to top it all off, Montag learns from Mildred that Clarisse had…

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