Analysis Of The Book ' Maus ' Essay

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The Holocaust is an event that has changed the world and is continuing to be studied. In the graphic novel, Maus by Art Spiegelman, Valdec and his family have suffered and are continuing to suffer with the burden of this traumatic event. Art does not paint everyone as perfect human beings, he shows their faults, triumphs, and struggles. He paints an accurate picture of the aftermath of his father and their complicated relationship. The Art Spiegelman’s, Maus, should be Mayor Kevin Faulconer choice for the “One City, One Book” initiative for “Days of Remembrance” due to his use of animals to portray people to dehumanize the characters and addresses the multiple effected generations with detailed accounts before and after the war. Art Spiegelman artfully portrays all races as different types of animals to help remove the level of judgement and to dehumanize them. Jews have collected multiple types of stereotype, but in Maus, Jews are mice and those stereotypes are not identified in their appearance. The mice do not have big noses and do not have a preconceived notion about them. In the second volume of the first chapter in, Maus, Françoise says, “But if you’re a mouse, I ought to be a mouse, too. I converted, didn’t I?” (Volume II. Chapter 1. Page 1) This is an example where the lines are blurred when discussing Jews as a race or religion. Art draws Françoise as a mouse because he had the faith and the culture of the Jewish people. This message relates to a large community…

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