Analysis Of The Book ' Light Of This ' By Russell Kirk Essay

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Today, there is much debate on the preservation of American tradition and whether or not is it being lost or found within the culture of America. In light of this, Russell Kirk writes a profound article titled What Are American Traditions, that not only upholds the strong existence of American traditions, but also clarifies what American tradition truly is within the fifty United States. He states, “Tradition is something more than mere political ideology” (Kirk). Furthermore, Kirk points out that American traditions are not unique unto the United States alone, the majority of citizens accept them, and he lists several of the prevailing traditions. First of all, Kirk states that the traditions of America are not brand new ideas unique to the country, yet rather a compellation from her British heritage. He states, “American attitudes toward representative government, private property, local and private rights, political community, decent manners, family relationships, and even the physical pattern of civilized life, all are derived principally from British custom” (Kirk) His point is that the United States did not form new traditions, but rather accepted and modified what the immigrants brought with them. Furthermore, as George Brown and David E. Shi point out America was not old enough to form new traditions. They state, “Its people, except for the Native Americans, had not inhabited it over many centuries, nor was there any notion of a common ethnic descent” (Brown and Shi…

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