Analysis Of The Book ' King Rat The King ' Essay

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One of the core competencies of human nature is the common desire to be extraordinary. The desire to be extraordinary drives most people towards their goals in life. This feeling is common throughout humans because everyone wants to be better than they actually are. It is natural for human beings not to settle for what they have and to crave for something more. The unlikeliest of human-beings to be truly satisfied with their lives stems from ambivalence toward complacency, competitive nature that permeates social interactions, and the futile quest for perfection. In the book, King Rat the King is one of only twenty-five American prisoners in the camp. He is the most successful black market “trader” and businessman in Changi (the POW camp). As a result, he has been able to thrive in the camp’s harsh environment. The King has been able to thrive successfully because of his endless desire to build a life that is better than anyone else there, which is why he is able to obtain necessary items throughout the camp. The King is never satisfied with what he has, and keeps gaining possessions that are not necessary to his survival. Unlike the other men imprisoned in Changi, the King possesses the ability to adapt to almost anything. He has an innate cunning that allows him to sense not only when there is a profit to be made, but also the best way to handle a deal, and a natural charisma which seems to draw people to him and make them trust him. This desire of building a life that is…

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