Analysis Of The Book ' Helmet For My Pillow ' Essay

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From Sea to War Then Back Home Again In the memoir, Helmet for My Pillow: from Parris Island to the Pacific, Robert Leckie recounts his war experience from beginning to end. He uses long- winded syntax to evoke powerful emotions from readers, provide intense imagery, and provide description of people and events. Long- winded syntax evokes powerful emotions from the reader. Robert Leckie states, “But, fortunately for ‘No-Behind’, his very insufficiency in the target area had saved him; the bayonet passed through his trousers without even breaking flesh, and it had not been the cutting edge of the bayonet but the hard round feel of the rifle muzzle that had provoked his expiring shout” (Leckie 71). It makes the reader feel scared because they thought that ‘No-Behind ' was going to die. Then the readers relax when they realize it was an accident and no one was hurt. This contributes to the overall story because you get all the details at one time; it is all concise and neat. Robert Leckie wrote, “Perhaps, too, it was a merciful bullet that pounded him between the shoulder blades; for he was fleeing to a certain and horrible end: black nights, hunger and slow dissolution in the rain forest” (Leckie 82). The emotions that are evoked here from this sentence are lifeless because Leckie has taken another person’s life. At the same time though, there is a sense of relief because that soldier will not have to suffer anymore. Robert Leckie exclaimed, “It puzzled us to see the…

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