Analysis Of The Book ' Heart Of Whiteness ' Essay

1121 Words Apr 14th, 2016 5 Pages
Since the beginning of time people have always lived in fear of not being the most superior person in the room. To an extent this is human nature for example: White people have always been afraid that a non-white being would become superior than them. One amazing thing happened to the world over time everybody in the USA became equals, people’s right’s no longer depended on what their skin color was. Also being afraid of someone doing better than you is part of human nature as much as we don’t want it to be true it’s there. Based on this I believe the author titles the book heart of whiteness because white people especially have a great fear of no longer being superior over other races. The author of the book shows us many times how he caught himself being in fear during his life. Some events when this happened was once when he was speaking about a speaker he felt superiority over the other person. Second time was when he was a journalist. It’s part of human nature to want to see people in order to feel better for ourselves and have some sense superiority over a person. There is a saying I hold dear to me it “people want to see you do good, but never better than them”. This is human nature we canot get rid of it. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what race you are black, white, Chilean all of us want to feel superior over other people even family member’s if you deny this stop lying to yourself. One well know issue human can recognize Is admit any form of defeat to someone…

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