Analysis Of The Book ' Guy De Maupassant ' Essay

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Guy de Maupassant was born in 1850 near Dieppe, France and died in Paris in 1893. In 1867 he met the great novelist Flaubert and soon after he began his apprenticeship with him. One of his earliest works was a sketch of Flaubert published in La Republique des lettres in 1876. Also, Flaubert found Maupassant a chance as a book reviewer for Raoul-Duval launching La Nation. A turning points in Maupassant career was the publishing of Boule de Suif which led him to be highly requested by newspapers such as Le Gaulois and the Gil Blas. The decade between 1880 and 1890 was one of outstanding productivity. In fact he was able to publish circa 300 short stories, six novels, and three travel books. One of the short stories written in this period was La Parure. Published in 1884, the necklace has as main theme that we should be content with what we have. (Sources from Enciclopedia Britannica and Maupassant the novelist.) The story is about a woman, Mme. Loisel, who for the event of a ball borrowed a diamond necklace and lost it. She will spend the next ten years in agony trying to repay the debts she occurred when trying to replace the necklace, only to find out it was fake. I didn’t find Maupassant’s writing to be difficult to understand. Although he uses not so frequent terms, his writing is clear, engaging, and makes you feel like you are in another époque. The main tension in this story is for the Loisels to find a way to replace the lost necklace. While reading the story, the…

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