Analysis Of The Book ' Go On Sleep Jessie ! ' By Libby Gleeson

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Fellowes & Oakley 2010 states the New London Group in 1996 proposed the concept of multiliteracies. Multiliteracies was derived to reflect the The children’s picture book ‘Go to Sleep Jessie!’ authored by Libby Gleeson and illustrated by Freya Blackwood, won the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s, Early Childhood picture book of the year for 2015. The written language in this picture book is used to create an interesting story that is also personalised (Tunnel & Jacobs, 2008). This picture book could be used to read to children that have recently become an older brother or sister as it discusses the theme of family togetherness.
The Right Words - ‘Go to Sleep Jessie!’ uses the right words at the right moment to express how the older sibling ‘Jo ‘is feeling when she shares a room with her younger sister Jessie and is trying to go to sleep. Gleeson, 2014 uses 3 words “Jessie is screaming” to demonstrate the frustration Jo is feeling when her baby sister Jessie won’t go to sleep.
Precise Vocabulary - As ‘Go to Sleep Jessie!’ continued, Gleeson was able to used precise words to create a more believable story. “Mum tiptoes out of the room” (Gleeson, 2014) allows the reader to see the mum trying very carefully not to wake the sleeping baby. Then through two words “Jessie screams” Gleeson is able to state, the mum’s attempt at getting Jessie to sleep did not work. The author continues to allow the reader to believe the frustration Jo is feeling when she is trying to fall…

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