Analysis Of The Book ' Enders Game ' By Orson Scott Card And The Enders Games Movie

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No book or movie is ever alike. This is shown in the book “Enders Game” by Orson Scott Card and the Enders Game movie by Gaven Hood, where the book and movie had many similarities but as well had many differences. In the novel Ender is portrayed as a very different kid after he gets to battle school; however this is not shown in the movie. Another difference would be how Lock and Demosthenes were not mentioned at all in the movie, yet had a huge role in the book, and the final would be the endings for both the movie and book as well as Enders reaction to what’s going on in the end. These three reasons show how the movie is very different from the book. When comparing Ender in both the novel and movie he was shown as a very different character in both. For example in the book when Ender first boarded the shuttle to get to battle school a kid named Bernard was bullying him and attempted to beat up Ender. “Deftly he propelled him down the aisle towards the other man” (Card 65). In this quote Ender fights back with Bernard out of self defence and accidently flips him out of his seat and he gets sent flying and breaks his arm. In the book Ender felt really bad after doing this to Bernard because he didn’t mean to do it, but in the movie this part was not even shown. None of this even happened. All that happened was that the kids got into the shuttle and it took off to battle school no encounters took place. Another example is in the book Ender is shown as a stronger figure…

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