Analysis Of The Book ' Effie Bunch ' Essays

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Character name, 307 words Effie Bunch is the character in the book who I felt related to public health. As a public health nurse, she worked in the public sector to oversee the components of Lia Lee 's care outside of the medical setting. She was assigned to the Lee family by the Merced County Health Department. Simply stated, she was there to make sure hat the Lee 's were overall on the right track and were preventing Lia from ending up back in the hospital. Outside of Lia 's medical care, Effie was able to observe her behavioral and environmental health. By making home visits, Effie stated that there were issues with the behavioral aspect of the Lee 's care for Lia. In the book she referred to Foua and Nao Kao as “non-compliant”, in terms of medication distribution. This medication is what would keep Lia healthy and was her form of preventative care. Effie Bunch also was able to view Lia 's personality aside from her epileptic seizures. Seeing her living environment, Effie had a better understanding of the Lee 's cultural differences from US culture. She and other public health nurses tried various methods to increase the Lee 's literacy, by color coating and drawing guide lines on syringes. Being a nurse in the realm of public health, Effie Bunch took her medical knowledge outside of the hospital or doctors office and brought it publicly with the intentions of promoting and establishing beneficial and quality decision making to patients, including the Lee 's, to prevent…

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