Analysis Of The Book ' Disappearing Spoon ' Essay

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Disappearing Spoon Essay Tanner Rapp In this book about the periodic table and how each element was discovered and how it affected each scientist when they discovered it. The story shows scientist such as Maria Goeppert, Dimitri Mendeleev, Robert Bunsen, Fritz Harbor, William Crookes, and many more. However, in this essay I am going to write about Dimitri Mendeleev, Robert Bunsen, and Fritz Haber.
Dimitri Mendeleev is a very important scientist when it come to the periodic table, he is known as the, “creator” of the table. Mendeleev was born in Siberia, was the youngest of fourteen children, and lost his father when he was only thirteen years old. When his mother’s glass factory burned down the family road on horseback all the way to the college of St. Petersburg, after being enrolled his mother died. After college Mendeleev went to the great Robert Bunsen who supervised him, later on Mendeleev went back to St. Petersburg. At St. Petersburg he became a professor and gained interest in elements. A scientist by the name of John Newlands made his version of the Periodic Table which he presented to the science society. Then Mendeleev made his version in the table but not the perfected one. Mendeleev understood that many each element has different characteristics, which some scientist had a problem with at this period in time. The difference between Mendeleev is he did not look at arranging the periodic table by row and columns, he looked at the characteristics such as the…

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