Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Death From Child Abuse '

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Book Review of Death from Child Abuse... and No One Heard In Death from Child Abuse... and No One Heard the authors are Eve Krupinski and Dana Weikel. The subject of the book is about child abuse and how people do not take action against it. The format is a mix of first and third person, it shows the point of view of three different people, and is based on a true story. Eve Krupinski and Dana Weikel are people that wanted to bring attention to child abuse and how to stop it. They wrote this book to “to goad people into doing something to stop child abuse and to give the Altamonte Springs girl and those like her a voice” (Wersinger, 2008, p. 1). The title links to the subject matter of this book by showing people how child abuse is not stopped by the people that see it. The purpose of this book it to show people that child abuse happens a lot and signs of it are normally shown, but many people choose to ignore it. It shows that children are scared to reach out for help when they are being abused and they need others to take action for them. Its argument is that adults will look the other way when they know a child is being abused, which cause the children to die from not getting the help they desperately need. This book is intended for adults to inform them of the signs of child abuse and how they need to take action instead of ignoring the problem. I think this book is a suitable and appropriate piece of writing about the problem for the audience it has identified. I…

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