Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Crimson Hero ' By Osamu Tezuka

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Within Japanese entertainment, the topic of gender, sex, and sexuality are often explored and played with in various ways, particularly within the genre of shoujo manga. In manga such as “Crimson Hero” by Mitsuba Takanashi, and “Princess Knight” by Osamu Tezuka, the themes of gender, sex, and sexuality are used to explore the uncertain boundaries between the male-female binary within societal situations. While “Day of Revolution” explores the difference in day to day life between the two sexes through employing an intersex character, “Crimson Hero” also brilliantly displays the differences within femininity and masculinity through the main character of Nobara. Through exploring the undefined area between the boundaries of femininity and masculinity, these mangas are able to provide their audience of pre-adolescent to adolescent girls a relatable tale which breaks the normative standards for gender and sex within society. In “Crimson Hero” by Mitsuba Takanashi, the main protagonist, Nobara, is a female character who is often mistaken for a male. Nobara is an aspiring volleyball player who believes standard notions of femininity do not suit her, and thus chooses to abandon feminine things, despite the blatant disapproval from her household. Nobara’s inability to relate to the expected standards for females her age is a key component within the manga. Unlike many other shoujo manga, Nobara is depicted as an untraditional female, with extremely boyish looks. For example, in…

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