Analysis Of The Book ' Catcher 's The Ray ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Holden Caulfield is the main character of the book Catcher in the Ray, the book set the time to 1950s. Holden is sixteen years old and he thinks different from other kids who are at that age, which means he is a problem youth. He smoke and talk dirty, did badly at school, he had been kicked out by four schools and he lies all the time. He hates the adult world and in his mind everyone is acting fake, he thinks they are phony. He is afraid of growing up, he don’t want to become what he hate which is an adult. And he is really lost during that time, he feels depressed and disappointing of the world he is living, he wanted to die but he is afraid of death. After he got kicked out from school, he started his adventure in New York. After Holden left school, he went to visit a prostitute but he di do anything to her, he tried to have a conversation with her but it didn’t go well but he still pay her the money they had the deal with. After that prostitute come back with a man and they ask for more money, but Holden refuse to pay and he got beaten up by the man and they took the money from Holden’s wallet then leave. What Holden had experienced is punishment, he got punished by visiting a prostitute, and also it can seem as trusting in her, adult. Term punishment is used to reduce or prevent a behavior. This punishes prevent Holden from visit prostitute again but also reduce his trust in adult and be scared of the adult world. From this experience Holden learned if he visits a…

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