Analysis Of The Book ' Amanda ' Essay

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The fans start to pour out of the stands; another win. A win means a friday night party and anybody who’s anybody will be there. First out of stadium,Amanda, makes an announcement that she will be hosting tonight 's raging party. Right from the game, people started packing cars and headed to her house. Everyone knows where she lives because she is well known for throwing the craziest parties. Having faith in the football team, she was even able to get her parents out of the house for the weekend. Amanda left straight from the game to set up for tonight. She starts by going into her parents liquor cabinet and pulling out everything. “A half bottle of Jack, Margarita mix, some Grey goose, and a 24 pack” she tells her closest friend Rachel. “That’s it? nobody is getting drunk. I thought you said we were going to have a good time?” At this point, Amanda is worried about her social status. She can’t have people think that she threw a lousy party. She frantically goes through her parents room and happens to find a credit card. Now she has a way to build her reservoir of alcohol. Delmonquia rushes over to her neighbor’s house, Lemonda, who has bought liquor for her in the past. Lemonda agrees and soon heads to the liquor store while Delmonquia waits anxiously. Lemonda starts heading back and before she turns onto her street, Delmonquia is waiting outside. “Why are you outside? It’s cold” Lemonda asks.
“I could smell you coming. You’re practically a bar on wheels. How much…

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